I am usually way too busy to maintain any sort of online presence, especially a blog.  But I get the urge every couple of years to share, speak out, pontificate, whatev and I end up creating a blog about something topical, writing a few brilliant posts 😉 and then starving it until it dies or until I hit the delete forever button.  This time I’ve decided not to be topical or even try to be relevant to the rest of the world in any way in particular; this time I’m just going to post whatever I’m thinking or doing in my life (that will be more than sufficient material for any blog). There will be plenty of booze posts but lots of other stuff as well.  From the chair in which I am sitting I can scan the room and see a dozen topics right off – mostly hobbies and life choices – surprisingly at this moment no booze; I’ll get to that later tonight.

As I write this content for the About page of my latest blog attempt, it is days away from Christmas – a time of year when I try to do more personal/creative stuff and spend more time with family – usually that doesn’t really happen because whatever job I have will typically be experiencing an end-of-year “rush” that adds even more to my pile of work.  This year (for better or worse) I am in job transition in December which is affording me some time to do non-revenue-generating things (great except that as a result I am short on present money and am going to feel guilty about that until sometime in January).  Ah well – life, right?