‘Tis the season

My son-in-law is a Tennessee whiskey and bourbon fan (as am I, so it works out well).  I had no other wants/needs from which to draw Christmas gift ideas, so I’m taking the easy way out.

Going liquor shopping is “kid in a candy store” for me – glad to do it – any day of the week.  I just have to be careful how much I grab, so I try to stick to the basket and not the cart  🙂

But, I didn’t want to cheap out and just get a bottle of JD (even that really big one) – it’s Christmas, and I like to make a good showing even with last-minute easy gifts.  Scoping the bourbon and whiskey gift options was also an opportunity to check out what was new to me (haven’t stocked the cabinet in awhile).  And since I had no specific selection in mind I figured I would select several, make the final decision based on input from my better half and put the rest in my liquor cabinet for the winter.

Whoo hoo!  I found quite a few great options – some old friends I knew from the past but also several new gotta-try selections.. among them this little beauty.  I would not ordinarily give much consideration to a “flavored” bourbon where I don’t already know the pedigree (some are great, some good, most just a mask over cheap whiskey).  But in this case I felt like the risk was worth it (price is good, label has all the right words and my wife is from New York… worst case it’s a “girly” bourbon that someone in my life will enjoy).  But I’m not sharing this bottle too widely – this stuff is awesome.  You can tell from the aroma on opening that they know their chemistry – the apple is very well balanced and the taste is nearly perfect – not just a hint of apple but not enough to drown out the whiskey underneath.  Super smooth, exceptionally drinkable and a perfect potent potable for the season (but I’ll likely keep it on hand year round).  Except for the lack of serious proof, it reminds of really good “apple pie” (if you don’t know what I mean, don’t worry – you’ll figure it out).

If you like whiskey at all, I highly recommend you give this a try.


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